All animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Pets have very basic needs to be comfortable and to maintain good health. Feed your pet at the same time to establish a feeding routine, and make sure that clean, fresh water is available at all times. Dogs need regular exercise to enjoy optimal health. Play with your dog every day. Simple things like a ball, Frisbee, or rope toy are lots of fun. Have a routine for walking your dog outdoors to help establish an elimination routine. Puppies need to go out more often than mature dogs. If your dog lives outdoors, make sure there is shelter from the weather. Building a doghouse is a fun project and your dog will appreciate it. Teach your dog basic commands such as come, sit, stay, and down. If you need help training your dog, there are obedience training classes available to help with behavior problems and even with the basic training of your dog.

Cats need to know where the litter box is located and the box must be accessible at all times. Cats need to have fresh water available at all times and a nutritionally complete dry food. A scratching post is helpful to prevent a cat from scratching the furniture.

We recommend that all adopted animals get an examination as soon as possible. Your veterinarian can give you information on vaccinations, parasites, and heartworm disease prevention. Dogs and cats need regular veterinary care and vaccinations to prevent disease. (All dogs are required by law to have a current rabies shot.)

Have the veterinarian check your pets teeth whenever your pet visits the clinic. Poor dental health can lead to serious disease and bad breath.