Animal Control is a division of the Grass Valley Police Department.  The Animal Control Division provides the following services to the City residents of Grass Valley and Nevada City.

  • Respond to citizen complaints and nuisances with regard to animals
  • Patrol the city and pick up stray or abandoned domestic animals
  • Enforce all local animal ordinances, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Keep animals safe who have strayed and attempt to reunite them with their owner
  • Investigate animal cruelty, abandonment, potentially dangerous dogs, and nuisances
  • Investigate animal bites and Quarantine as necessitated by law
  • Issue City Dog Licenses
  • Remove sick or dead wildlife
  • Educate the public in animal care, responsible and humane pet ownership, animal related municipal ordinances, and state laws
  • Emergency assistance to law enforcement agencies
  • Be helpful to the public in animal matters, treat each person with respect and privacy

Other Useful Numbers:

Nevada County Animal Control – (530) 265-7880

Placer County Animal Services – (530) 886-5500

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation – (530) 432-5522

California State Fish and Game – (916) 358-2900

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue – (530) 885-0862

Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue – (530) 889-5822