The Animal Control Division provides the following services to the city residents of Grass Valley and Nevada City:

• Response to citizen complaints
• Patrol the city areas, and pick up stray/abandoned animals
• Enforce all local animal ordinances, state and federal regulations
• Return stray animals to owners when possible
• Investigate and prepare cases for court
• Investigate animal bites, complete bite reports, quarantine animals that have bitten
• Issue dog/pot-bellied pig licenses
• Educate the public in animal care, animal ordinances/laws, responsible pet ownership
• Be helpful to the public in animal matters, treat each person with respect and privacy

Helpful phone numbers/web sites

• Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release (530) 432-5522 for orphaned, injured baby animals/birds
• California State Fish & Game (916) 445-0045 to report poaching, bear/mountain lion kills