The most common wildlife call received by Grass Valley Animal Control concerns fawns. Well-meaning people assume that the mother doe is not around when they see a fawn alone and they take the fawn or transport them away from where they were found. It is not uncommon for the doe to leave her fawn in what she feels is a safe place while she forages for food. If you are concerned that a baby wild animal may be orphaned, watch the animal from inside the house to see if the mother comes for it. Do not try to feed or water the fawn. If no mother comes and several hours have passed, you can call Grass Valley Animal Control for information. Grass Valley Animal Control does not pick up orphaned fawns. Additionally, if you would like more information please call Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue at (530) 889-5822.

If you see a dead animal on a city street, call Grass Valley Animal Control as soon as possible and give a good description of the location and size of the dead animal. It will be picked up as soon as an officer is available.